Taylor Swift & Travis KelceGotham Getty Images. Courtesy Yahoo


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Upon the end of the writers’ strike and the return of ‘Saturday Night Live’ to the airwaves in late October – audiences were thrilled to see their two favorite people, superstar Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, joining in on the explosive attention to them.

The skit was very entertaining. It starred Kenan Thompson as Fox Sports’ Curt Menefee, who his host of Fox NFL Sunday. As Menefee tries to focus on football, the other studio members Howie Long (Mikey Day), Jimmy Johnson (James Austin Johnson), Michael Strahan (Devon Walker) and Terry Bradshaw (Molly Kearney) debate who is a bigger fan of Swift.

Pete Davidson later plays a sideline reporter who also is enamored with Swift.

At the end of the skit, the NFL broadcast is headed to a commercial and a frustrated Menefee says, “When we get back, we are going to speak with someone who actually wants to talk FOOTBALL!”

Despite criticisms of the public interest in the pairing of Swift and Kelce, it makes for a happy story about two highly respected people. Taylor Swift is an international superstar whose unblemished reputation speaks volumes about her talent, work ethic and her likeability as a human being. Travis Kelce’s status in the NFL is equally powerful in his own right. He’s rated as one of the best players in the league and has long won the respect of fellow athletes and fans. Who doesn’t love to see two great superstars start a love flame?

With all the bad news invading our world weekly, seeing Taylor Swift on weekends supporting Chiefs football matches has been a welcome distraction from life’s stressors. That’s why they make the big bucks. They are talented and we love them. Their interest in each other also began very publicly with Travis putting out a media declaration that he was interested in the singing superstar. Swift responded equally as publicly by making it known that she was returning his interest in her.

The NFL loved every aspect of this story. Their ticket sales sky-rocketed and business spiked on NFL Sundays whenever Swift was spotted watching her new honey playing. Everyone won from this happy story.