Our objective in Westlake Malibu Lifestyle is to deliver high-profile, thought-provoking interviews that provide you with substantial depth and food for thought. We are particularly interested in remarkable people who display the attributes of courage and altruism. It’s particularly gratifying to profile them because they never seek us: we seek them. We limit the seriousness of our editorials by injecting some much-needed humor and light-heartedness – remembering always that self-deprecation is very liberating.

We have loads of variety in our content from the responsible elements of Eco-consciousness to admirable Portraits of Success to exquisite homes and the power of creativity. There’s financial good sense imparted to us by experts, medical breakthroughs explained, and the most beautiful parts of the world displayed – places that you can escape to either imaginatively or physically. The choice is yours.

Most importantly, this is a family magazine, so there will never be anything in it that your children shouldn’t see. Feel free to display us on your living-room coffee table where we’d like to belong. We intend to have something of interest for every member of your family.

Our hope is that Westlake Malibu Lifestyle will encourage the attributes in society that we seek: fair-mindedness and respect for each other. And if you’re kicking back on your day off- enjoying us on the beach – we hope you find some pictorial visual feasts and some fun elements. Here’s to our long and happy association with you.


Diana Addison Lyle is the author of two international books: Swimming Through Life: Terry Schroeder and the USA Olympic Men’s Water Polo Team, and Sunrise and Roots: A Transcontinental Life. She began her career as an English High School teacher in South Africa. She holds a post-graduate bachelor’s degree in English, and has had substantial experience writing for magazines world-wide. Beyond publishing, Diana owned a Training Company in Africa to address the post-apartheid damage. Her global life has given her an international perspective that translates into intelligent, objective journalism.

Publisher Diana Addison Lyle