Jenna Andrews

Mental Health Advocacy

The super accomplished Jenna Andrews is a songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. She co-wrote the #1 hit single Butter from South Korean superstars BTS.  She also produced vocals on the BTS Grammy-nominated global hit, Dynamite, and recently co-wrote and co-produced Permission to Dance, with Ed Sheeran for the group which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. No stranger to movie soundtracks, she wrote the lead single off the latest My Little Pony movie which she co-executive produced.  She wrote the single Church for the film and Marry Me, performed by Jennifer Lopez. Jenna is one of the rare female producers in the music industry.

Yet this smart, altruistic artist wanted to do more: she has become an important advocate for mental health awareness. The Green Room is a series created and hosted by Jenna that offers an inclusive community and a safe space through which viewers can expand their awareness of mental health topics.

I ask Jenna what motivated her to step up and start this necessary series.

“I dealt with eating disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, and instead of remaining silent about them, I wanted to be open by sharing my experience with others. What I discovered is that mental health struggles are prolific in the entertainment industry, and I wanted to guide young adults, in particular. The Green Room is a great platform to connect people and bring in different specialists who are equipped to help. I’ve encountered so many young people who struggle every day, and sharing their stories is the beginning of the healing process.”

Jenna has partnered up with the Jed Foundation, a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for teens and young adults. She also works with She is the Music, an industry-wide movement to empower female creators and drive inclusivity and equality for women in music, on the series.

I ask Jenna if she believes that the 2020s have created more situations in which young people might consider suicide. She answered unhesitatingly:

“Definitely. There’s much more visibility on young people today and pressure to be perfect. It’s driven by relentless social media exposure and the expectations that come from that. Privacy doesn’t exist anymore. We are here to help. Please know that you are not alone.”

The Green Room is accessible on Spotify, Apple and You Tube.

IG: @thejennaandrews @sheisthemusic @jedfoundation